09.2023 opening - GALERIE JACQUES CERAMI X VINCEN BEECKMAN "JEAN CLAUDE,ZACK" at Around Video Art Fair, Ghent, be
09.2023 opening - solo show "la bonaventure" at intitut pour la photographie, lille, fr
08.2023 Masterclass - 'Mstrclss 08' 5 days in august by mentor mentor, ghent, be
06.2023 Press - Article by DIRK LEYMAN about "ping pong" solo show at Fomu in: de morgen, be
06.2023 opening - solo show "ping pong" at fomu, fotomuseum, antwerp, be
06.2023 book launch - new book "pong ping" signing session at fomu, antwerp, be
06.2023Selection – The Project "A Castle Made of Sand" in collaboration with Fedasil is selected to be part of 'nex generation, please!' by bozar, brussels, be
05.2023 opening - "anneessens" at la conserverie, metz, fr
05.2023 opening - group show "ectoplasmes" curated by pierre-laurent cassiere at jeanne barret, marseille, fr
05.2023 Press - Article by curator Rein Deslé: "On How Vincen Beeckman Became Part of My Life" in: Trigger Magazine, be
05.2023Selection – photobook 'La Devinière' selected for the show "Los mejores libros de fotografía del año" by PHotoESPAÑA, madrid, es
03.2023 selection - shortlisted for the Images Vevey Book Award 2023/24, ch
03.2023residency - starting residency at jeanne barret, marseille, fr
02.2023talk - presentation of the book "la deviniere" by fotodok book talks #33 at fotodok, utrecht, nl
01.2023book launch - "jump the wall" new book edited by photo elysee, lausanne, ch
01.2023 opening - Partenaires particuliers (with La S Grand Atelier) at art et marges museum, brussels, be
12.2022talk - presentation of the book "la deviniere" at l'enfant sauvage, brussels, be
12.2022book signing - "la deviniere" signing session at hangar, brussels, be
12.2022on air - interview by pascal goffaux about "si tu n'viens pas je te scalpe" at art en marges museum on RTBF, be
11.2022 Press - New article by fabien ribery about "la deviniere", on: l'intervalle, fr
11.2022 opening - si tu n'viens pas j'te scalpe at art et marges museum, brussels, be
11.2022book launch - new book "la devinière" signing session at new peinture fraîche, brussels, be
11.2022book launch - new book "la devinière" signing session at Paris Photo, Stand Delpire&Co, paris, fr
11.2022talk - artist talks by the eyes - conversation with Pascale Obolo - at paris photo, Paris, fr
11.2022book launch - la deviniere - new book edited by delpire & co, paris, fr
09.2022 opening - group show en suite, lausanne, ch
09.2022on tv - interview about Vevey minigolf club for the rts tv news, ch
09.2022 Press - New article by christoph Heim about festival images vevey on: zoom, ch
09.2022 opening - vevey minigolf club at images vevey festival, ch
08.2022 on view - 'TEEN SPIRIT' photographs at BOUCLE NOire in Charleroi by BPS22, be
07.2022 Press - New article by Inès Boittiaux about the prix elysee nomination in: Beaux Arts Magazine, fr
07.2022 selection - selected nominee prix elysee, ch
06.2022 Press - New article by Maïna Boutmin about the exhibition "on veut des zebres pas des chevres" on: rtbf, be
06.2022On air –interview, Podcast sandwich quille by le vecteur, charleroi, be
06.2022on tv - interview on telesambre at le vecteur, charleroi, be
06.2022Opening - on veut des zèbres pas des chèvres at le vecteur, charleroi, be
06.2022Opening - teen spirit, in collaboration with CFPArts students espace Jörg Brockmann, geneva, ch
06.2022talk - conversation between Vincen Beeckman and Danae Panchaud, centre de la photographie, geneva, ch
05.2022Opening - group show visages d'europe, by Eunic/Fetart/CWB paris, paris, fr
04.2022 Press - New article and interview by RICA CERBARANO about the book "Birds of a Feather" in: Photo Vogue, it
04.2022book launch - splendid - new book published by vooruit, ghent, be
04.2022 selection - "inside diary" project shortlisted for the bup book award, pl
04.2022on air - interview about Teen spirit at BPS22 on BPS22 youtube channel
03.2022 Press - New article and interviews by FARA PHOEBE ZETZSCHE about "Les Cracks & Vincen Beeckman", Frankfurter Allgemeine, de
02.2022Selection – photobook 'cracks' selected for the FOTO WIEN Photobook Award 2022, vienna, at
02.2022Book Launch - Teen spirit at photobookcafe, london, uk
02.2022on air - interview by pascal goffaux about Teen spirit at BPS22 on MUSIQ3
02.2022Opening - Fictions modestes & réalités augmentées (group show) at Musée International des Arts Modestes, Sète, fr
02.2022Opening - Les Cracks & Vincen Beeckman at Folkwang Museum, Essen, de
02.2022Opening - new project about teenagers will be featured in 'teen spirit' (group show) at BPS22, Charleroi, be
02.2022Out now - Teen Spirit - new book published by ICVL Studio / BPS22
02.2022Press - New article by Daphne van Ossel about Amour & Sagesse magazine rtbf
01.2022selection - 'birds of a feather' book shortlisted for Photobook of the month, Photo London, UK
01.2022Opening - pictures from les intimes will be featured in 'von menschen und raümen' (group show) at St Wendel Museum, Sankt Wendel, de
01.2022Press - new article by Diane Smyth on espinho, in Elephant, UK
12.2021out now - birds of a feather opstap, new book published by APE, be
12.2021on air - interview at musee des beaux arts de tournai on notele, be
10.2021 Exhibition closing - arts20+1 Vincen Beeckman au Woluminigolf, Brussels, be
09.2021 opening- The Lokal fototek Foundation (with Kasper Demeulemeester) - Musée des beaux-arts, Tournai, be
09.2021 Press - New article by Abel Coentrão about Espinho, in Publico, Pt
08.2021 press - new article by kurt snoekx , in bruzz
06.2021 On air - Interview by Pascal Goffaux about the exhibition Arts20+1 Vincen Beeckman at WoluMinigolf on Musiq3
06.2021Opening - Pictures from Photomaton (Riga series will be featured in Fantasia (group show) at Jacques Cerami Gallery, Charleroi, be
06.2021Opening - (Solo show) Arts 20+1 at WoluMinigolf, Brussels, be
05.2021Opening – Claude & Lilly will be featured in Regarde mon histoire / Kijk naar mijn verhaal (group show) at Le Hangar, Brussels, be
05.2021Opening – The Invisible Cowboy with Kasper Demeulemeester, Concertgebouw, Bruges, be
05.2021Opening – The Fusée de la Motographie will be featured in Re-Collect (group show) FOMU, Antwerp, be
04.2021Out now – Les Eternels (new Book with Nicolas Polli), published by Ciao Press, CH
03.2021Selection – shortlisted for the Grand Prix Images Vevey
03.2021Opening – The installation about Brussels local bars will be featured in Bxl Universel II, Multipli-City (group show), at Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels, be
03.2021Opening – Pictures from Claude & Lilly will be featured in 3 Collectionneurs #8 (group show), at Eté 78, Brussels, be
03.2021Opening – Local Fototek Foundation with Kasper Demeulemeester, at L’Enfant Sauvage, Brussels, be
03.2021Press – New Article by Jean-Marc Bodson about Pikuur, in La Libre, be
02.2021Press – New article by Sylvestre Sbille about Pikuur, in L’écho, be
02.2021Selection – Les Intimes (series) is selected by the PixxelCult Jury, de
01.2021On air – Pikuur, Podcast Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels, be
01.2021Opening – Pikuur (solo show), Saint-Pierre Hospital, Curated by Centrale for Contemporary Art, Brussels, be